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Global Impact

 IS ABN Fulfilling the Great Commission? 

HOW are we Taking the Gospel to the Nations?

Aramaic Broadcasting Network (ABN) has been undergirded by the grace of God for the past two decades with the vision and mission to impact the world with the matchless beauty and unconditional love of Jesus. ABN seeks to fulfill this mission by presenting programs in multiple languages in several regions of the world to proclaim the freedom which Jesus offers to those who are enslaved by sin, living without hope and spiritual darkness.  We endeavor to “lift Jesus” who alone provides us with a true and “endless hope” in contrast to the “hopeless end” that the world provides.    


 ABN  provides programs that equip, empower and enlighten believers through the Word of God so that they can live a life that is pleasing to God and be a “shining witness" for Jesus.  Additionally, our programs provide teaching modules that enable believers to intelligently and articulately present the “Good News” that Jesus brings.  


ABN's programs are designed to reach multicultural and multi-generationally diverse groups, particularly in the 10/40 window Nations. ABN organization's geographical reach spans across five continents: the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. ABN's strategic focus on these areas demonstrates its desire to impact people in regions with the highest concentration of unreached people groups. By doing so, ABN is playing a vital role in fulfilling the Great Commission by taking the gospel to the nations. 

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